Naturguard - 300mm High



Naturguards are a biodegradable alternative to plastic plant guards. They’re manufactured from coir fibre combined with a natural weather resistant binder. Naturguards are designed to offer normal plant protection for up to 12 months before gradually degrading into the surrounding soil.

A great option to protect plants against browsing animals, wind and herbicides

  • 100% Natural – no more plastics in the environment
  • Suppresses Weeds – comes with latex-coated coir weedmat
  • Litter-free – will not litter the landscape as it breaks down
  • Tough – unique non-woven construction will not tear
  • Stable – less affected by wind than other solid wall protectors
  • Fast – no folding - installs in seconds with 2 bamboo stakes (included). In exposed or windy sites it is recommended to use 4 bamboo canes per guard, or when maximum support is desired.
  • Unobtrusive – natural brown colour blends into the landscape
  • Compact – comes in handy lay-flat packs for easy transportation.


Sets include Naturguard, 2x Bamboo Stakes & Coir Weedmat

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