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Timbersaws Spades

Professional Tree Planting Spades

NZ-made professional tree-planting spades. Strong and durable with ergonomic grips. Designed to last a lifetime.

A number of different models to choose from:

  • Jack 1 (Blue Rounded End) – Good all-rounder for most soil types. Ideal for extra cultivation These spades have their shafts offset to the blades. This allows for greater cultivation of the planting hole with less body movement by the person planting. Length: 960mm, Weight: 2.85kg.
  • Little Ripper (Bronze)Designed for speed on soft or pre-cultivated soils where cultivation is not so important. These spades have their shafts offset to the blades. Length: 960mm. Weight: 2.3kg.
  • Poker (Green) – A newly designed spade with a straight shaft to give direct penetration. A nicely balanced short spade for hard to plant areas exposed to the elements. Length: 910mm, Weight: 2.7kg.
  • King (Red) – The narrow blade enters the harder clay soils much easier. Good in stoney ground and opens a small hole for sand work. These spades have their shafts parallel to the blades. Length: 980mm. Weight: 2.73kg.
  • Jack 2 (Blue Flat End) – Designed for those who need to remove soil from the planting hole. These spades have their shafts offset to the blades like the Jack 1. Length: 960mm, Weight: 2.95kg.
Jack 1 - Blue
Little Ripper - Bronze
Poker - Green
King - Red
Jack 2 - Blue
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