Silky Folding Saw - Super Accel


Lightweight, razor-tooth folding saw specially designed for aggressive cutting needs. Blade easily locks into two different angle positions for easy cutting. The rubber, pistol grip handle is easy to grasp especially on the pull-stroke when greater cutting force is needed.

Razor sharp teeth have four cutting angles along the length of the blade for fast, clean cuts. The aluminum handle features a comfortable textured-rubber grip.

Rated as one of the finest crafted folding hand saws available, the Super Accel has consistently been a popular choice of arborists and gardeners worldwide.


Silky saws cut as you pull the blade towards you. They do not cut on the forward or push stroke. Cutting on the pull stroke requires less energy and gives you more control over the action of the saw. The Japanese have always used the ‘pull saw’ technology as opposed to the Western ‘Push Saws'.

The advantages are:

  • Pulling places the saw under tension making it stronger
  • Pushing compresses the blade meaning you can bend, buckle and possibly break the blade when cutting
  • Pulling naturally straightens the cut as you pull towards the body
  • Pull saws can be thinner steel, so as a result can make a cleaner line of cut
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