Gift Basket - Pruning Kit 'The Gunslinger'


Looking for a little something special this festive season? We have put together a range of items from tools to plant and accessories that will suit, through our team’s recommendations. Suitable for a regular gardener who has an established garden.


Okatsune 103 (20cm) Secateurs

The must have tool for any gardener. High quality Japanese steel will last you a lifetime with the proper care. Useful for niping back soft growth on perennials and shrubs, and pruning wood on fruit trees and ornamentals.


Silky F180 Folding Saw 

When the secateurs can't cut it, reach for the big guns! This folding saw will cut any pesky branches with ease. A must have for any backyard orchadist.


Okatsune 130 Stacked Holster

Keep your fancy new kit off the ground and at hand for when you need them. Feel like you're in the wild west when you holster up your prized tools.

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