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EmGuard Set

Biodegradable Plant Shelter

EmGuards are environmentally friendly bio-degradable plant guards developed by FuturEcology as a solution to plastic debris entering waterways from plantings on or near riparian margins and waterways.

The EmGuard is manufactured in NZ using a majority of recycled pulp. They are specically designed to cope with tough conditions. The EmGuard is coated with a food safe and FDA compliant moisture barrier, has a high bursting strength, a PH of 7.00-8.00 and is fully recyclable.

A key value is that the EmGuard does not need to be removed once plant establishment has occurred as the EmGuard will naturally break down. If by chance, the EmGuard washes into a waterway, it will naturally bio-degrade over time.


350mm high x 200mm wide

Supplied with 2 Bamboo stakes, one to thread through holes, the other to put at the apex of the triangle for wind stabilisation. 

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