Apple 'Giant Antonovka'

Heritage Apple

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Additional Attributes
Non-poisonous to Animals
Non-poisonous to Humans

A very hardy heritage cooking apple, originally from Russia. Distinctive, dull pale green/yellow skin. Sharp, crisp, refreshing and juicy. Ripens to soft, perfumed viney flavour. Cooks to brisk juicy puree.

A great choice for cooler regions with a shorter season. Ripens March. 


Grafted onto either a M793 or Northern Spy Rootstock.

  • M793 is a larger growing rootstock with vigorous growth characteristics. Better suited to heavier soils.
  • Northern Spy is a hardy rootstock, slightly smaller than M793. Adapted to a wide variety of soil types, producing good yields of fruit.
Medium, Rapid
4 m
6 m
Sold Out
10 or more
100 or more
1000 or more

Note: Growth, height and grade information are given in good faith but are subject to natural variables beyond our control.