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Plant of the Month


Pseudocydonia sinensis

Chinese Quince 


Small, multistemmed, deciduous shrub to small tree, grown for its fantastic autumn colour in shades of red, yellow, and orange. The attractive mottled bark is another unique feature, making it a stand-out choice for a pleached hedge.

Fragrant pink flowers are followed by very large, yellow, aromatic fruits which are used in the same way as a quince. Tolerant of dry, poor soils. Requires full sun. Deciduous. Hardy.






Winter Roses


Hellebores are perennial plants with elegant flowers, perfect for brightening up shady areas during late winter and early spring. They are quick to establish and very easy to care for. Best in sheltered situations. 




Juniper 'Blue Star'

Stunning Winter Colour 



Correa pulchella

Pink Australian Fuchsia  


Small evergreen shrub with attractive clusters of tubular pink flowers from winter to early spring. Fine leaf perfect for a clipped low hedge. Handles full sun to dry shade under trees. Evergreen. Hardy.


Native Pepper Tree


Popular, attractive shrub with aromatic, rich red and green foliage. Its common name comes from the distinctive spicy and pungent flavour of the leaves. Makes a stunning hedge. Frost tender in first year. Likes a moist soil, rich in organic matter. Evergreen. 



Assorted Varieties Available


Camellias are the all-purpose all-season plant. They are hardy, evergreen plants that are fast and easy to grow. They flower (depending on variety) from early autumn through to spring, adding much needed colour to your winter garden.





 Most of the work needed to be done at this time of the year involves pruning and maintenance around the property.


  • Before you start pruning, ensure you have tools which are sharp and clean. It is a good idea to clean tools between each plant as this will help stop any disease spread. Methylated spirits work well for this.
  • Begin pruning your apple trees and pear trees if you haven't done so already - this is best done whilst they are dormant.
  • Prune blackcurrants, gooseberries and redcurrants to maintain a productive framework. Autumn cropping raspberries can be pruned back to ground level.
  • Only prune on fine days as wet conditions can help spread disease in new cuts.
  • Clean up weeds in those hard to get to areas when plants are in leaf, around fences, in shrub borders, along paths and around foundations. Remove any plants that are not at their best.
  • Prepare your planting sites for spring planting. Spray, cultivate, repeat until the site is clear of weeds.
  • Cut back the old foliage from ornamental grasses before growth begins - clip them to within a few centimetres of the ground.
  • Watering - Ensure adequate drainage so water is not pooling around the base of your plants for the winter.
  • Mulch - Collect all your leaves to compost and return to the garden in the future as a very beneficial leaf mould. Adding a layer of mulch around your shrubs and trees will act like a blanket and keep them warm through winter, suppress weeds, and add nutrients to your soil.