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There are also several fantastic display plantings to help you decide which varieties to use for your hedging, specimen trees, dry areas, wet areas and shelter. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further.
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Plant of the Month




Coprosma Copper Shine

Mirror Bush 


Looking for an interesting hedge for your coastal house? Consider this variety of Coprosma. It is a  small mounding shrub with small copper-green glossy leaves. Great for formal or informal hedging, pots. 


Underplant with grasses or interplant with groups of red-foliage shrubs such as Lophomyrtus for color contrast. 





Azara microphylla

Vanilla Tree


Great as a specimen or trimmed for screening. Small yellow flowers have a wonderful vanilla scent in spring.  



Libertia cranwelliae


Strap-like leaves along a wide-spreading rhizome. White flowers in spring on short flower spikes. Attractive orange pods remain on the plant for months. Underplant with Acaena purpurea for some lovely color contrast. 


Pittosporum 'Waimea'   


A smaller growing Pittosporum with attractive jade , glossy green foliage. Compact growth, though vigorous. Hardy and evergreen. 2m tall and 1.5m wide. 


Nyssa sylvatica

Black Tulepo


A broadly conical tree, noted for its amazing autumn colour in tones of red, purple and orange. Thrives in moist or wet sites beside ponds, swamps or waterways. Fantastic as a feature tree with its structured form. 













































  • With the warmth and moisture we have had there’s lots of vigorous growth by trees and shrubs this year so we may need to do some pruning to keep them in shape.
  • Keep an eye on your new plantings. The first summer can be a tough test for new trees & shrubs. Get in touch with us if your plants aren't looking 100%.
  • Remember that deep watering once/twice-weekly is more effective than frequent shallow watering. The best times to water are early-morning or evening, this ensures the water soaks in sufficiently. Remember, don’t water the foliage - just the ground around the plant.
  • Weeds are rampant this time of the year, keep them under control by weeding, mulching and/or spraying. The use of mulches around shrubs and trees will prove beneficial in coping with the dry conditions and keep these weeds at bay. Keep mulch away from the base of your plants to prevent the bark from rotting.
  • Trim and feed all hedges, this will encourage fresh, thicker growth.
  • Check your tree stakes and ties, Wind can loosen or snap tree webbing, ties or stakes.
  • Keep an eye out for Pests. In a hot dry summer, watch for thrips, mites and whitefly and spray accordingly. Watch for rabbit damage to plant stems and foliage. Use Liquid Shotgun, Tree Shelters or Blood & Bone to keep them at bay.
  • Once they’ve finished flowering, prune any spring flowering shrubs to ensure a more compact shape i.e. Spiraea, Viburnum, Azaleas, Loropetalum, Camellia, Rhododendron and Lavender. This helps to retain their shape and bushiness, and also encourages repeat flowering in some varieties.
  • Tidying. Deadheading (removal of dead flowers) is important for the hygiene of your garden as it helps prevent disease. Also tidy up lanky growth on shrubs and climbers and remove old leaves from flaxes & grasses.
  • Now is the time for a top-up feed for your fruit trees to ensure healthy summer growth & fruit set. Use Burnett’s Fruit & Citrus food or similar. If you’d like to keep your fruit trees compact, consider summer pruning in December - you can prune new growth back by half. Prune on a fine day and seal wounds with Bacseal pruning paste.