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From hedging plants to larger specimen trees, our well stocked retail store is sure to have something for your planting project. In addition to Canterbury's largest range of plants, we have a brand new display area, a purpose built fern house and dedicated consultation space. 
There are also several fantastic display plantings to help you decide which varieties to use for your hedging, specimen trees, dry areas, wet areas and shelter. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further.
Bring in your landscape plans, photos, plant samples or ideas, our knowledgeable team are happy to tackle any planting project!

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Plant of the Month



Boronia megastigma

Brown Boronia 


These are in full bloom, so you can smell the delicious citrus scent which is quite divine. The flowers are also quite striking with bright yellow insides and a rich brown exterior







Are popular ornamental shrubs for all types of gardens.  Evergreen or deciduous these members of the Rhododendron family come in all shapes and sizes with flowers that range from tiny delicate blossom to huge trusses of flowers from the larger growing species and hybrids. 

They prefer a cooler climate, morning sun and moist, lime-free soils that are well-drained.



Leptospermum Species

Assorted varieties Available 




Assorted varieties Available  


From French to Spanish to English these perennials have great punch in the garden! With a little pruning after flowering these guys will repeat flower through summer.  Mainly grown as an essential oil.

Pinus coulteri

Big Cone Pine


The Big Cone Pine! A native of Southern California and Baja peninsula.  It has the largest cones of any pine tree and is a great ornamental specimen for shelter and shade. Is well-adapted to high altitude dry climates.












































  • Now is the best time to mulch your garden, taking advantage of the winter moisture and getting ahead of the new spring weeds!
  • Prepare for spring planting. Now is a great time to plant most trees. Prepare your site by spraying weeds, and incorporating compost into the soil.   You can also look into planning and installing irrigation for the dry summer ahead. Rip or rotary hoe the soil if it's not too wet.
  • Feeding your plants.  Applying a well-balanced fertiliser in spring gives your plants the best possible start in the new season.  Grotabs are a great form of slow-release fertiliser, giving your plants all the feeding requirements they need for the growing season. If you'd prefer a liquid fertiliser, try small but regular applications of liquid seaweed fertiliser or organic fish fertiliser.
  • Compost.  Compost is a very valuable asset for most plants, a great tool for conditioning the soil. Compost provides nutrient-rich organic matter, and improves the soil's ability to handle water.- Complete form-pruning of pip-fruit and ornamentals to shape them - time is quickly running out! Click here for our info sheet.
  • All bare-rooted stock should now be in the ground. Get in touch with our team if you're still to collect you order.  
  • All conifer, forestry, deciduous and shelterbelt species should be planted now.  
  • Plant eucalyptus and native seedlings once the worst of the frosts are over. Larger grades are often hardier. Talk to our knowledgable team if you're not quite sure.