Farm Planting - A success Story

January 16, 2015

Taylor PlantFor many of our rural customers, the planting of streams & waterways has become an especially important topic in recent years. Luckily, there's plenty of help at hand for those looking to take on such a project. Here at Southern Woods, we work with many organisations looking to improve water quality and bio-diversity - for projects large and small.

Roger & Francie Taylor's planting in Coalgate is one such project, a private plantout with help from organisations including Whakaora te Waihora, Environment Canterbury, the Selwyn District Council and plants from Southern Woods. Looking to reverse the steady decline of water quality after dairy conversion, the Taylors planted thousands of trees along waterways - with impressive results. 

- Plants with protective Combi-Guards achieved survival rates of nearly 100%. We can't recommend these enough for native-revegetation plantings.
- A noticeable increase in native skinks, weta and birds (including bellbirds and kingfishers)
- Over $10,000 in grants from various organisations. If you're looking to undertake similar plantings, talk to your local/regional council or the Southern Woods team for further info. 

For the full article on Roger & Francie Taylor, Click Here - Well worth a read!

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