$350** Landscape Design


What can we do for you?




- Have a look and feel of the site




- What you are trying to achieve



- For suitability




What will you get?


- Scaled landscape plan and
plant palette

- Show you plant suggestions

- Quote on chosen area to be 
planted out

- Care & maintenance
schedule or calendar


 ** Additional hours may apply depending on complexity and scale of property for landscape plan.

This is chargeable at $50/hr. 











West Rolleston





Client have a preference for lush green gardens with emphasis on screening and plants that provide seasonal interest all year round. With a large backyard, small islands are proposed to break up the expansive lawn, and at the same time, create focal points for viewpoints from the interiors.


With an inclination towards succulents, and heat loving plants, the plant palette is geared towards incorporating elements within the garden and the islands. Their love for berries have led them to planning a berry house at the side of the backyard. Esapliered fruit trees line the fences, breaking up the long block of fence, while being productive.


At the front, a mixture of evergreen and deciduous small and large shrubs make up a key feature, with seasonal colors and colored foliage, popping up across the bed. Two beautiful maples take centre stage, whilst surrounded by a vibrant mix of colors throughout the year. 



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 What can you do while you wait? 


Think about what you are trying to

achieve/would like to show us 


Take note of any distances, fences/accessways


Have a site plan ready


Strategise areas to plant out over time 


Be aware of soil conditions


Ensure there is adequate irrigation