Resources Available to Download

Below is a range of "How To" information sheets. 
Please feel free to use them as a valuable resource for you and your family to learn from...

Information Sheets

PRE-PLANTING - think about these things before you begin!!

Establishing Planting on Lifestyle Blocks Some great tips and advice on getting the best from your land...
Exotic Plants Suitable for Rolleston and other Dry Areas... A good base list for dry sites with harsh winters and low rainfall...
Fodder for Goats Got goats? Here's some suggestions that might help save on feeding costs...
Fruit Trees - Recommended Varieties by Region An in-depth guide of what to plant in your area.
Fruit Trees - What to Plant for Year-round Harvests A very handy calendar to help a gain a balance of fruit year-round.
Grotabs A great option for long-term, slow-release fertiliser.
Land Drainage Planting Plan & Plantlist Great visual options with full plant list to boot - great for riparian areas.
Native Plants Suitable for Rolleston and other Dry Areas... A great list of natives to use in hard-to-establish dry areas...
Options for Low Native Shelter A handy template to follow...
Options for Planting a Mixed Shelter A handy template to follow...
Planting for Carbon Credits A very in-depth explanation, with helpful links.
Plants for Effluent Runoff Plants to consider and avoid when planning for effluent runoff.
Poisonous Plants Plants to avoid - a comprehensive list
Shelter Belts Different varieties to consider - common and not-so-common.
Trees for Exposed Sites Some options for those of you in windy areas!

PLANTING - some things to consider at planting time....

Attracting Tui to your Garden Find out what Tui love to eat, and what is suitable for your own garden.
Attracting Wild & Exotic Birds A list of plants which will aid in bringing any number of feathered friends...
Plants for Durable Timber Posts Some suggestions on which trees to grow for durable ground timber.
Firewood Plantations Be self-sufficient in firewood - species, spacings and time-frames.
Hedging Guide An in-depth list of species, spacings and hedge preparation and maintenance.
Planting for Bees A helpful info sheet on Bee Friendly Land Management.
Planting Guidelines What to think about before and during planting - the true basics!
Planting on Dairy Farms Planting under pivots, shelter planting , and ornamental planting.
Pruning Flowering Cherries The art of pruning different types of flowering cherries - diagrams included.

POST-PLANTING - don't forget to consider these once your plants are in the ground...

Grass Grub Control An overview on what to look for, and how to deal with it!
Liquid Shotgun Use our rabbit repellent to help give your precious plants a great start!
Organic Options for Spraying Fruit Trees Against Disease A few wee gems to try out if you prefer organic control ...
Pruning & Spraying Fruit Trees - General A guideline to pruning, espaliering and spraying fruit trees - diagrams included.
Weed Control An introduction to different options, including which chemicals to use on what.
How do trees cope with winter? An article by Derek Rooney